Community Projects

Mule Days Supports the Community

Originally Mule Day was designed as a day of family events and fellowship, rather than a community fundraiser as it is now. Continually a celebration of community unity and fellowship, Mule Days has developed a dual goal. It is an important fundraiser for improvement, facilities and organizations within the town.  We have completed many projects through the years, below are just a few listed.

“Welcome to Reardan”    Current Project in the Works

Reardan Mule Days is researching and planning on replacing the three signs as you enter town.

The Current “Welcome to Reardan” signs were the responsibility of the FFA and were done in December of 1960. Phil Naff, Jim Puls and Hal Johnson were part of the crew.   At some point the lettering of the signs has been replaced as the ‘W’ has a different shape.

Mary Rux, as president of the Garden Club, had spear headed a beautification effort from 1959 to 1963 as part of a state wide effort called Century 21 as part of welcoming visitors to the World’s Fair in 1962. She had mustered eleven organizations in town to do various projects. The Lion’s Club had their share, but it was involved in removing old buildings, fixing up the library (the one beside the current post office), re-roofing some buildings, etc.

This information is from Kirk Carlson and scrapbooks at the Reardan Memorial Library. You can find this at




Each Year

Town of Reardan working with Reardan Lions Club to hang flower basket on Hwy 2

Each Year

Contribute $2000 to the insurance for the Reardan Community Hall


Town of Reardan Christmas Decorations that hang on Hwy 2 each year


Community Hall - new doors at the West entrance and North back door