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Save the Date for the 120th Annual Reardan Mule Days

June 1st 2024

Hope to see everyone next year  –  Always the first Saturday in June

If you have any questions please see our contact page  .. 

Mule Days Needs Volunteers

Reardan Mule Days Association Meeting Schedule

Type Meeting




Next  Meeting

Reardan Community Hall

November 13, 2023


Monthly Meeting

Reardan Community Hall

 Second Monday  Unless rescheduled


Special Meetings 

Called by President

Email contact of Members

Second Monday

Reardan Community Hall

January - June

No Scheduled Meetings

July - September

Second Monday

October - November

No Scheduled Meetings



To see the current Mule Days Schedule of events go to the Home Page

Until Further notice the following events and activities are cancelled:

  • Mule Chase Fun Run has been cancelled until further notice. (lack of runners and no Chairman)
  • Souvenir Booth is no longer at Mule Days, but t-shirts are sold in the City Park.  (No Chairman or Volunteers)
  • Community Hall Beer Garden replaced with Adult Street Dance outside the Speed Trap Tap House.
  • We are open to any suggestions for new activities – be willing to chair the idea you have.


Why are events cancelled?

  • There is not a volunteer to Chair the committee.
  • There are no volunteers for the committee.
  • There are no volunteers to take ownership of the event.
  • The event is no longer in demand by the public.
  • The event was replaced with another option.


If you have any questions please see our contact page