3 on 3 Basketball

2nd year winners – Core 4

Save the Date for our 120th Reardan Mule Days

June 1st 2024

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Whether you love the bounce of a ball, the thrill of sinking a shot or simply the challenge of competition, you’ll love “Hot Hoops” during Reardan’s Mule Days Celebration when teams of all ages join us for a day of action. Competition in our Double Elimination tournament will begin on Saturday morning. Hot Hoops play is on Lake Street in front of the Reardan Fire Department.


Registration may be done using the online form only.

  • Registration for play, including a custom T-Shirt, must be received by May 15th.
  • Late Registration for play only (no t-shirt), must be received by May 27th.
  • NO registration after May 27th.

Tournament Times

Team check in is on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. at the registration table in front of the Reardan Fire Station on Lake Street. Our Double Elimination tournament begins at 11:00 a.m. Team brackets are posted at that time. Number of teams in each division varies depending upon registrations. Teams not appearing within 10 minutes of scheduled starting times forfeit their game.


Hot Hoops play is on Lake Street in front of the Reardan Fire Station. Courts are laid out on Lake & Spokane Streets and in other locations determined by the number of players entered. Your court location will be assigned at registration. Play takes place on asphalt with boundary lines detailed. Hoops are 10 feet high. Concessions are available. All games will be played on the city streets. Exact time for championship games will be determined by the number of teams and the time it takes for qualifying play.


Registration must be received by May 15th to guarantee a t-shirt.  When you fill out the application, be sure to include the size of each team member. Shirts will be available for pick up on the day of the event. Entries received after the registration deadline will receive shirts based on availability only.

NO late registration after May 27th.

Prizes for Winning Teams

The members of each championship team will receive medals.

Team Sponsors  

You may get a sponsor for your team. Tournament officials and/or Mule Days Association members do not recruit sponsors for you.

Co-Ed Teams 

You may have co-ed teams for Hot Hoops. One member of the opposite sex must be on the court at all times. Please note: if there are not enough co-ed teams in each bracket, you will play against an all boys or all girls team.

Playing on More than One Team  

You can play on more than one team but each team must be in different brackets. Games cannot be controlled to guard against schedule conflicts between brackets. It is possible that team games could be scheduled at the same time.


Tournament organizers provide a score keeper and court monitor for each game. Organizers allow two competing teams to cooperate by self-officiating as much as possible for fouls, out-of-bounds and other calls as necessary. When a court monitor is requested to make a call their decision is the final decision. Exception: 3rd and 4th grades will have fouls called by a court monitor.

Scoring, Time Limits, Time Outs

Every game is limited to 20 minutes or until one team reaches 21 points. A one minute time out is allowed per team, per game.

Game Play

To begin a game a coin is flipped and the winner takes the ball out. Offense must call their own fouls. Every time a foul is called, a free throw must be taken. If the basket wasn’t made at the time of the foul a free throw must be shot. Regardless of the result of the shot the opposite team takes the ball out. Two points are given for each basket outside the arch. After each change of possession the ball must be taken to the top of the three point line. After a dead ball, the ball must be checked by an opposing player and the ball must be passed in to continue play. NO SLAM DUNKING!!


Parking is available on city streets. We ask that you do not block private driveways or city street intersections, and do not park in front of street barricades.


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If you have any questions please see our contact page for the 3 on 3 Basketball Chairman

Photos from Year 2022 3on3 Basketball